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Merací prístroj pre ženijné použitie. Meria bežné batérie do 1,5; 15; 150V, striedavé napätie do 500V, odpory do 50 a 5000 Ohm a testuje roznetnice s napätiami 110; 300; 500; 600; 1200V

Measuring instrument for engineering use. They measure normal batteries up to 1.5; 15; 150V, AC voltage up to 500V, resistors up to 50 and 5000 ohms, and testing nozzles with voltages 110; 300; 500; 600; 1200V
Camera: DMC-LS65
F Number: 2.8
Focal Length: 5.8
Exposure Time: 10/130
Flash: 16
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Date taken: Thu, Jul 15th o 10
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Category: Meracie prístroje/Measuring instruments
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